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Health Ministries Department welcomes you. Our health is the most important of all assets.  Many people function fairly well and some even surpass expectations when challenged by sickness, disease, and death.  However, God’s plan is that we prosper and be in health, always remembering that our overall health is dependent on our spiritual prosperity (see 3 John 2).

Since our ability to reason and make good healthy choices is jeopardized by our sinful nature, it is imperative that each person seek counsel of God’s inspired writings. The wise will also look for tested and proven methods for staying well and getting well.

The links to several reputable health websites will help you connect with the best resources for health information and programs.

Healthy people not only gather and practice living their lives in accordance with God’s unchanging laws and principles of health, they also share the good news of healthful living with others.

Let us know what is working for you and your church in helping people live healthfully.  We will listen to your stories and concerns, as well as help you find answers to the questions you may have.

Health Ministry Websites Links:

NAD Health Ministries Quick Start Guide:

InStep for Life:

Adventist Recovery Ministries:

Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP):

Health Expo Resources:

8-Weeks to Wellness:

WinWellness—Complete evangelistic program highlighting health, family, and full message presentations:

BreathFree 2 Stop Smoking Program—Now Downloadable:



My Vegetarian Plate Poster:

Facts with Hope—NAD Health Ministries:

Faith Community Nursing: The Heart of Healing: Faith Community Nursing in Action. Video and training booklets available through

Adventist WholeHealth Network:

General Conference Health Ministries Department:

General Conference Nutrition Council:

Gaspar Colón Director

Health Ministries



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