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By Pastors Orlando Rosales, Jenner Becerra, and Javier Moreno

Clarisa's Story
When mothers pray, miracles happen!

Carmen spent more than 10 years praying for the salvation of her daughter, Clarisa, and she traveled from the Dominican Republic to the United States to be with her. After Carmen arrived, she accompanied her daughter at her retail job selling cell phone accessories. The job required weekend hours, but Carmen told her daughter that on Saturdays she could not be present because of the Sabbath. She invited Clarisa to go to church instead. Clarisa, who was going through difficult circumstances at the time, accepted the invitation to attend the Baltimore Spanish church to worship with her mother.

Clarisa, who was going through extremely difficult circumstances, accepted the invitation to attend the Baltimore Spanish church to worship God with her mother.

For more than 3 years Clarisa's home had not known what peace is. Every week, an argument arose, sadness and feelings of pain broke her heart. She had gone through so many hardships, but one day with great optimism she joined the church choir that rehearsed every Saturday. Then, when she started the 40-day prayer plan, she also decided to join the prayer line and for 40 days along with her mother, they had the goal of spiritual growth. The week of Evangelism came, titled "The great meeting of your life" and she decided to attend. A month before, in September, she felt a direct call from God and on Saturday, October 13, she made her decision. When she got home, her heart and home felt peace. The fight stopped. The arguments ceased. The Prince of Peace reigned in her home and in gratitude for her love for Christ, she chose to leave the world to join Christ through baptism on October 20, 2018. God did extraordinary things for Clarisa. Do not stop praying for your children, God definitely responds!

Yensi and Osvaldo's Story
Jesus specializes in restoring shattered lives. Some time ago, Yensi, a 14-year-old girl, started an addiction to alcohol to forget her problems. The emptiness in her heart was so big that she drank desperately every day until she became unconscious.

Upon arriving in the United States, melancholy and problems submerged her even more in alcohol until she had to choose between alcohol and her children. When she was about to lose her daughter, she discovered that she needed Christ and what no one in her family had imagined happened.

Yensi faced difficult times, but she decided to visit the Adventist church and surrender to the Lord. In the following months, the conversion of Yensi surprised her family by the radical change that Christ had worked upon her. She had transformed from an alcoholic into a sober woman. A few months later, her sister and her children were baptized in the Baltimore Spanish church, but Osvaldo, her husband, was still missing.

Osvaldo's mother is an Adventist in El Salvador, and for a long time she has prayed for the conversion of her son. Before the Evangelistic meeting in the Baltimore Spanish church, Osvaldo promised Yensi that he would attend the whole week of Evangelism. For his wife, it was a miracle because he did not attend the church frequently, and a few days before the campaign he asked her to go with him to buy pants to go to the church service and before going to bed, he decided to accompany his wife in prayer.

Osvaldo faced difficult times and obstacles, but because of the Holy Spirit's leading, he decided to renounce them all and join the faith of his wife and his mother. "It was beautiful, receiving Jesus' forgiveness and following him is something I will not regret," says Osvaldo after being baptized.

When everything is against you remember that the God who reconstructed the life of Yensi and Osvaldo can do the same with yours as well.

Abraham's Story
Abraham was born in Guatemala. At the age of sixteen, he left to the US and after nine years he returned to Guatemala, where he met and married Milvia. Within a few years, the Lord gave them a precious son. Both were baptized at the Baltimore Spanish church on October 20. 

Abraham says: "We are happy to have accepted Jesus Christ as our Savior, very grateful for the redemption that Jesus made with his precious blood shed on the cross of Calvary." We believe in a new world that God promises us, and there we long to be with our Lord Jesus. As long as God has us in this world, we want to live by his hand, we are sure with my wife that God brought us to His feet to serve Him and we are willing to do what God asks of us with all our hearts.

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