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 Forecasting Hope

Forecasting Hope is a special Bible Prophecy evangelistic series recorded in 2020 and live streamed across the nation.  It presents the major prophecies of Scripture in a Christ-centered, positive, and relational way.

  Equipping University 2020 - Downloads

 Living an Evangelistic Life - PowerPoint 

Turning the World Upside Down Part 1

                         Turning the World Upside Down Part 2

Image Living an Evangelistic Life Video Series
This is Pastor Dave’s lay training seminar which illustrates how believers’ can share their faith with others. The New Testament teaches that every believer is a minister for Christ and can make a difference in the lives of others. This training series will cover topics such as how to make friends with secular people, how to talk about spiritual things, how to explain the Gospel, how to give a Bible study, how to visit people, how to help others make decisions, and how to have a meaningful daily devotional life. The series consists of 6 DVDs.

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Image How To Prepare a Meaningful Sermon
This special lay training series shows the practical steps in preparing and creating a meaningful sermon that will engage and impact a congregation. Learn simple and effective steps to embed lessons on the heart. The series consists of 5 DVDs.

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Additonal Sermon Series and Lay Training Seminars

These topics can be used for camp meetings, worker's meetings, lay ministry events, and other convocations.

ImageDiscover Bible Prophecy Evangelistic Series
A powerful Christ-centered evangelistic series focused on the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation presented in a positive, engaging, and relational way. The series is available in DVD, online, or as a live series in a local church.




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