Locally Funded Employees

Hourly Substitution Form - to be used when using a substitute for an hourly employee at a school (subs for contracted teachers should use the Education Substitution Form)

Forms for New Locally Funded Employees
*Locally Funded Employee New Hire Request (School/Church to fill out)
*Employment Application (Employee to fill out)
*I-9 (Section 1 to be filled out by employee, Section 2 for church/school official who views original documentation  - ALL blank lines must be filled in with n/a and the appropriate preparer/translator box checked. Both completed pages must be forwarded to the Conference along with a copy of identification used. SAMPLE)
*Register-Adventist Screening Verification/Sterling Volunteers / Login-Adventist Screening Verification/Sterling Volunteers - Child protection training, sexual harassment training, background screening, Step-by-Step Instructions

*Fingerprinting - ALL school employees (FBI & State)
Locally Funded Employment Checklist - Guidelines to follow
Payroll Costs - Guidelines for choosing pay rate is on second page
Job Descriptions - Sample job descriptions that can be edited for church/school use

* Required to be sent to Chesapeake Conference 2 weeks before hire date

Forms for Current Locally Funded Employees
Change in Pay and/or Job Title - Send in for any employee pay or job changes
End of Employment Notification/Checklist - Send in to remove employee from payroll
Involuntary Termination Checklist - Resource tool for church/school


uAttend Time Keeping Program
uAttend (Time Keeping) Instructions - Employees
uAttend (Time Keeping Instructions - Supervisors

Health Care Reform
Letter to Pastor, Principals, and Treasurers
Risk Acknowledgement


Additional Forms
Acknowledgement of Volunteer Status
Payroll Costs Spreadsheet Sample
Monthly Payroll Dates (Salaried Employees)
Semi-Monthly Payroll Dates (Hourly Employees)
Direct Payment Authorization
Designation of Authorized Representative For Completing I-9 Form
Hourly Time Adjustment
Time Report - Semi Monthly - 1st-15th
(Church/school use, do not send to Conference)
Time Report - Semi Monthly - 16th-31st (Church/school use, do not send to Conference)
Time Report - Monthly (Salaried, if needed)

Work Permits
Needed for employees ages 14-17, employer section is to be filled out by local entity.
Fact Sheet
Apply for a Work Permit
Youth Rules Website

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